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Old customs, thank goodness, die hard in Crete. The authorities in Athens have recently tried to stamp out two traditions they felt reflected badly on the country as a modern nation: firstly, the enlivening of religious celebrations with a burst of firecrackers, and, secondly, the keeping open of kafenfa and bars until the early hours. Cretans have simply turned broad backs and deaf ears to these edicts from across the sea. and Website is here for lollipop holidays. Facebook : Lollipop Holidays Page.

Surviving the changes: The islanders' wav of life has inevitably changed in the last 25 years. With improvements to the roads, tourists have taken to the hills in hire cars, threatening the the peace and solitude of the village. Youngsters have left the remote villages for work in the city, in tourist J Nothing reflects the raw incompatibility of tourism more than the brightness of its colours. Multi-hued nylon jogging suits, fluorescent orange shorts, lipstick pink and luminous green motor bikes jar with the subdued grey, brown, green and black of the Cretan landscape and the village dwellers' clothing.
centres or abroad.
 Most villagers now have electricity, running water, television, cars and aspirations. Demand for consumer goods is growing. Social divisions between the haves and the have-nots, professional and manual workers, have widened. Perceptions of wealth and glamour arrived with the tourists and with the television, changing for ever the quiet acceptance of fate. Somehow, though, the essential Cretan virtues of kindness, courtesy, hospitality and interest in the stranger, survive the onslaughts of tourists, the latest and perhaps the most invidious in a long line of foreign invaders. Crete's long monastic tradition is now under threat from dwindling numbers of novices.

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